2016 Honda Fit Design and Price

2016 Honda Fit

2016 Honda Fit is a subcompact car which will represent the third generation. It will appear with many improvements in exterior, interior and performance.

Exterior Design of 2016 Honda Fit

When it comes to exterior of 2016 Honda Fit, we must say that it won’t differ much from the current model. It will be very similar to its predecessor. However, we can expect some small changes and improvements. The front end will have a new, redesigned grille made of quality plastics and chrome details. We can also expect redesigned front bumper and roof spoiler which will include light signals. It will get new wheels as well and those will be 16-inches alloys. As for its dimensions, it will be 60 inches tall, 67 inches wide and 160 inches long. All in all, it will have handsome and modern look, and we believe that it will be very popular since it is a perfect car for everyday use.

2016 Honda Fit side

Interior and Features

2016 Honda Fit will undergo some modifications regarding its interior design. The seats will be comfortable and can be moved in different directions in order to make a drive more pleasant. However, the space for the passengers on the back will be a bit tight. The space for the luggage will be sufficiently large. As for the equipment, it will come with 7-inch touch screen, Bluetooth, USB, automatic climate control, leather wrapped steering wheel, navigation system, audio system and many other modern features.

2016 Honda Fit interior

Types of Engine and Horsepower

2016 Honda Fit will be offered with several types of engine. The one option will be a 1.3-liter Inline-4 engine which is capable to deliver 130 horsepower and 100 lb-ft of torque. Buyers could choose between a 5-speed manual transmission and CVT. It could appear as well with a 1.5-liter engine producing 130 horsepower and 114 lb/ft of torque. It will also have a hybrid version in a combination with an electric motor which will make around 150 horsepower.

2016 Honda Fit rear

Release Date and Expected Price

2016 Honda Fit should be released on sale sometime in early 2016. As for the price, it will be in a range from $ 16,500 to $ 21,000, which will depend on equipment.

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