2015 Dodge Dakota Design and Reviews

2015 Dodge Dakota

2015 Dodge Dakota is the fourth generation of Dakota which was firstly introduced 27 years ago and it will represent a combination of style and elegance.

Exterior design

2015 Dodge Dakota is a mid-size pickup trunk which will appear much better and modernized. Because of the lack of information, we can’t certainly give all the details considering its exterior, but what is sure, is that it will be upgraded in some details. We assume that the grille will be redesigned, LED lights too.  It will probably be made of lighter materials which will reduce its weight and improve aerodynamics. The large wheels would allow this vehicle to go any terrain you want. It would preserve its recognizable look but is definitively going to be refreshed with some chrome details and other.

2015 Dodge Dakota side

 Interior and Features

2015 Dodge Dakota is a four- door vehicle which should have two rows of seats, and therefore available to place more than five passengers. The cabin will be made of high quality materials such as leather, and it is very comfortable. It is convenient for trips because of the large truck but also if you need it for any kind of transportation. It will be equipped with air conditioning, LCD display system, ABS, cabin ventilation system, audio player etc. We can as well expect many safety features.

2015 Dodge Dakota interior

 2015 Dodge Dakota Engine

According to the rumors, we will see 2015 Dodge Dakota with two engines. The first will be 3.7 L V 6-cylinder engine which will be able to produce 210 horsepower and matched with either 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission. The power will be sent to rear wheels.  The other one will be 4.7L engine which will deliver 230 horsepower.

2015 Dodge Dakota rear

Release Date and Price

As for the release date of 2015 Dodge Dakota, we are looking forward to see it during next year. We still have no exact information about the price, but we assume that it will be similar to its predecessor and probably a bit higher. We’ll have more data after company’s official announcement.

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